Suppliers for Knife Making Near You

We want to help you make sharper blades, prettier handles, simply better knives. But it’s not just your skill, it’s also what you work with: the steel, the handle materials, your tools.

So, where do knife makers find their amazing burl wood? Where do they buy those resin handle scales? The steel they forge into a Damascus billet? That amazing belt grinder?

Where do you get all those supplies?

Enter the IndieKnives Supplier List

What’s the Supplier List?

Great question, thanks for asking. 😁

At the moment it’s simply a spreadsheet. Here is a small piece of the burl wood supplier list.

Burl wood suppliers, by country

And we collect suppliers for various knife making things in there.

One sheet per supplier list

Work in Progress—We Need Your Help!

We just started on this and as everything this is work in progress. And we need your help! Your favorite supplier is missing? Tell us! See something that’s outdated? Tell us! Easiest is on Instagram, or per email at!

What Supplies Can I Find in the List?

Here is it so far. We are just starting out in December, so give this a moment. You can help! Tell us your favorite supplies 🙂

  • Burl Wood (Go to Sheet)
  • Steel (Go to Sheet)

What we want to add (at least):

  • Abrasives: Belts.
  • Handle materials: Wood. Horn. Micarta. G10. Raw, stabilized or dyed Antler. Pins.
  • Machines: Belt grinders.
  • Tools: Anvils, Hammers.

Jump right in!

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