IndieKnives Sunday News: Community Updates & Marketing for Makers

Every Sunday we share know how, tips & tricks around Marketing & Instagram for professional knife makers, as well as updates and news from the community.

Oh, and discount codes whenever we get a new one. See below for details.

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What’s in it?

Here are topics we’re typically covering:

  • Marketing tips & resources for knife makers wanting to turn their hobby into a business
  • We point to tutorials & guides around knife making from the community
  • We ask suppliers for discount codes and share them
  • We keep a list of upcoming events, shows and knife maker meetups

To get an idea, here are the non-regular topics from a few recent newsletters:

April 25, 2021: What’s New: 7 Ways to Track your Orders (+5 Business Models)

  • 6 Ways to Keep Track of Orders 
  • Chatting about his Etsy inventory with Ryan from @dragonsnestforge
  • 5 Ways to Earn Money as a Knife Maker
  • Where Should You Add Hashtags? (In a comment or caption?)
  • Chatting about WIX Payments with @pellegrino_cutlery (beware trouble!)

April 18, 2021: What’s New: From Custom Knives to Batch Making (by @jmchopp)

  • What do you wish someone had told you earlier about knife making? @drephonous_industries shares his answers.
  • Jamison from @jmchopp talks about why he prefers batches over custom knives
  • Italian Red Wine follows its own pricing rules—what are they and what can we learn from it?
  • Sometimes customers just don’t want to pay … how you can mitigate this

April 11, 2021: What’s New: ⚡ Pricing Calculator for Custom Knives (& the WHY behind Knife Care Instructions)

  • #forjaden MEGA raffle has started
  • @rafter_d_custom’s Pricing calculator as a Google Sheet
  • Watermarks to protect your knife photos, by @made_by_jon
  • Why you should send knife care instructions
  • Gain followers—not just with hashtags

April 04, 2021: What’s New: 💡 Building heat treat ovens, Q&A with @pillyknifeco (+ all discount codes)

  • Latest column by Building a heat treat oven
  • Q&A about marketing with @phillyknifeco
  • Best of IG & the web
  • Upcoming events
  • Banned hashtags

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