Support the Knife Maker Map

The Knife Maker World Map helps local makers to be found:

  • by knife buyers,
  • by course participants, and
  • by fellow knife makers.

It currently lists over 400 knife makers in more than 50 countries and continues to grow!

What’s the goal of the map?

As we explain in the FAQ, we want to support local makers—by helping them be found by potential customers, collaborators, students and mentors. We’re not (yet) knife makers, but we love knives, and we think there should be more local, small makers—this is what we can do to support that.

Putting in the hours

As anyone who ever built something big knows: good things take time, and lots of it. We chatted with hundreds and hundreds of knife makers to build up the map. We answered questions, corrected mistakes (yes, we do those, too 😉 ), and explained what the map is all about. Oh, and we entered their data, made sure it makes sense, and created the map code.

Obviously, we’re not doing this to get rich. Still, this stuff costs—and you can help keep this effort going!

Why you should support us

With the price of a coffee you’re already helping:

  • You help us keep this space ad-free. Advertising makes a page slow and ugly. We hate ads—help us keep them at bay. 🙂
  • You help us pay the tech stuff: the domain and server space.
  • You help support Rose, who does the bulk of the daily work.

Are you a knife maker and already on the map? To show our appreciation you’ll get a special map marker. (Don’t worry, it’s totally optional.)

Join our Community of Supporters

With only $2 / mo—the price of a coffee in many places—you’re part of it.

Start supporting us today—head over to our Patreon page.

Become a Patron!

Thanks so much!

Can’t afford $2?

You’d love to help but can’t afford to give $2 / mo? No worries—you can still help us make the map a success. Here is how:

  • Are you on social media? Then spread the word!
  • Do you count knife enthusiasts or makers among your friends? Tell them about the map!
  • Can you add a link to your website? That would be _so_ helpful with our Google ranking. Feel free to use our map artwork for linking.

Either way: thank you—and let’s make the community better together!

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