FAQ: About The Map

Here are some frequently asked questions (and answers) about the World Map of Knife Makers.

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What’s the Idea of this Map?

We believe that supporting local makers is a good thing. So, we want to help you find your local makers.

Here’s some things that are good to know:

  • Opt-in: We only put knife makers on the map that want to be there.
  • Vague locations: we don’t use (or have) exact addresses.

Are the locations exact?

No. There is no knife maker at the markers. What we show is the neighborhood, the town or area only.

Why not exact? Because we value the privacy of the knife makers out there. And to be frank, the users of the map simply don’t need it! 🙂 The map is good enough to show you what knife makers are nearby. You can then get in touch and visit if you want.

Is it free to be listed?


A listing was, is, and will stay free. Just shoot us a message on Instagram.

If this grows into something huge, we may charge for added features. No particular plans yet, though.

Why are you doing this?

We aren’t great with a hammer. And we’d probably heat-treat ourselves more than the blade if we tried.

But we still like knives.

So we asked ourselves: what can we do to help you knife makers out there? The map seems to have hit a nerve. 🙂

How can I help?

If you want to, you can support what we do—it’s completely voluntary. No maker needs to pay a thing to be on the map.

What we do offer is a “Supporter Badge” for makers who support us. That means, their map marker is a bit different to show they support the map. We think that’s fair—no other special treatment though.

Why do we ask? Because it’s a crapton of work. 😆 In the first few weeks we send literally over a thousand chat messages, coordinating who wants to be where, updating and moving markers and links … and we kinda expect it will stay like this.

With as little as $2 you can help us keep this map up to date and growing.

I can’t support you financially. What else can I do?

You’re awesome! You can always do super useful things that won’t cost you a penny:

  • Tell your friends about the map!
  • Do you have a website? Link to the map!
  • If you got a Youtube channel, podcast, or other channel, share the map with your audience.
  • Help us add makers to the map by pointing us to new makers.

The more makers are on the map and the more use it, the more useful it becomes for the knife community. 🙂

I want to be on the Map!

Great! If you are a knife maker AND are selling knives AND 18 years or older, then please contact us on Instagram from your bladesmith account.

Why should you contact us from IG? That way we know that everyone on the map actually wants to be there.

Why do you need to be 18 years old? See below.

Can you also link to my web page?

Sure! Let’s cooperate! For example, would it be fair if we ask for a back link in return? That would help us with Google finding the map. If you can’t do that for whatever reason, how about a shoutout? Contact us on Instagram if interested.

Do you want something nice-looking to link with? A button, perhaps? Check out our artwork page.

Can you also link to my Facebook page?


Would you mind liking & following our Facebook page? That’d be awesome! Simply shoot us a DM on Instagram with your FB link. Thanks!

Can you also link to my Etsy / BigCartel / etc store?

We’re working on that. 🙂

Who can be listed on the map?

We can list you if …

  • you make knives: reselling is not enough, you need to be the one making them.
  • you sell knives: this is a map to support small, local businesses, even if you are doing it only part-time.
  • you are over 18: we won’t list minors. See below.

Why are some markers different than others?

Our goal with the map is to give visibility to the amazing knife makers out there. Adding is free and simple.

By default, every knife maker gets the green map marker:

Normal marker

Marker for supporters

Some of those makers choose to support us financially and by doing that they help keep the map alive. We think that’s awesome! To say thank you, we highlight their support with a special marker and a note in the pop up.

Later on, we may do this with a “support badge” on the marker instead, or highlight their support in a different, more adequate way.

I know someone who should be on the map. Can you add them?

It’s great you want to support the map! Unfortunately, we don’t add makers without their approval.

Please reach out to that maker, show them the map, and encourage them to reach out to us themselves.

How can I reach you?

Try Instagram. We’re trying to keep communication channels to a minimum, so it’s only Instagram for now.

Why do I have to be at least 18 years?

Every day we see young knife makers who make amazing knives and we’d love to support those makers and their efforts. Unfortunately, we can’t do so. 

In many countries there are laws around protecting minors, both in relation to Internet services and knives. We are a volunteer-run site, and we don’t have a huge legal team to figure this out. So, for the moment, we must stick to knife makers 18 years or older.

I am on the map but there is something wrong.

Thanks for helping us to improve the map. Let’s fix it!

Please reach out to us on Instagram.

I want to be removed!

No problem. Please contact us on Instagram from your bladesmith account. We’ll usually have you removed within the day.

Why should you use your bladesmith IG account? We want to make sure it’s really you and not a nasty competitor trying to cause you trouble.

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