World Map of Knife Makers

This map helps you find and support the local knife maker or bladesmith near you. For more questions, for feedback and to add more makers, see below and our Map FAQ.

Using your awesome map I found a professional bladesmith nearby who will give me further training in forging.

Alex of Erlbach Messer

I met a maker close to me using the makers map.

Lewis of walking_f_forge

The map has been helpful, been able to talk to local makers.

Alex Welton of AEW Blades

Cool idea! I’d utilize the map to network with others in my area.

Palmetto Pine Knifeworks

There are already 428 knife makers on the map—join them!

Find makers you may know, for example, Balete Blades, Jamison Chopp or Begg Knives & Mattia Borrani.

Note: Don't use the map for navigation. The maker locations are not precise! Want to visit a maker near you? Contact them first!

Also, being on the map does not mean we endorse this maker. Do your own due diligence!

Support the Map!

Love the map? For the price of a coffee you help us support the community and keep the map going.

Become a Map Supporter with as little as $2!

Are you a maker and think the map is a great idea?

For any maker amazing enough to support us, we have a tiny gift: a special marker created by our talented designer Rose.

Map marker only for supporters—a tiny thank you from us!

This could be yours!

Featured by the Community

The awesome custom knife community has shared and featured the IndieKnives Map many times. Here are some picks. Thanks so much! 🙏

I want to know more about this map!

Read more about the map at our Map FAQ.

I want to be on the map, I moved, something is wrong, etc

In short: message us on Instagram. Read the FAQ for more info.

Other Maps by the Community

We're not the first to notice the need for a way to find makers nearby. Here are other maps that have been made:

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