Your Knife Post is Gone in 20 Seconds

We counted: for #knife there were 31 posts in 10 minutes. That means 3 posts per minute. That means… 🚀

Your post has, on average,
20 seconds
in the top spot, and then it’s being replaced by the next one.

The takeaway is simple:

Don’t waste
your gunpowder
on wildly

You’ve got 30. Make ‘em count. 💯

Consider aiming for two kinds of hashtags:

👉 posts where you can be one of the top recent posts for a while
👉 posts where you have a chance to become one of the overall TOP posts

Sure, you can and should experiment. So, use a few popular hashtags.

But know that those will likely be a waste. Unless you have lots of followers OR make a wildly popular post that will keep floating to the top.

Good hunting!

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