What Hashtags Should You Use

Here is a list of top #️⃣ hashtags to use for knife makers:


Sorry for the clickbait 😆 I had to draw you out becaus

This post is for you 💯

The truth is:

✅ There are great hashtags for you. But what is also true:

🚫 There is no great hashtag list for everyone. Sounds like bad news? Maybe, so let’s have some good news again:

This isn’t luck. Your posts are not doomed to 12 hashtag views for the rest of your Instagram life.

You can build a hashtag list that is great for you. There isn’t a five minute fix. (Sorry.) It’s a process.

We suggest starting with three steps:

1️⃣ Stick to hashtags with 10k – 100k posts. Avoid hashtags with millions of posts. Even 100k+ are very crowded.

2️⃣ Reserve the majority of your hashtags for those that your customers use. Don’t (just) describe your knife. (See below.)

3️⃣ Mix it up. Don’t re-use the same tired list of hashtags again and again. That looks like spam, and Instagram algorithms eat spam for breakfast.

Start with a bunch of hashtags. (See our research posts.)
Then, experiment.
Use what works more often. Discard things that don’t.

Two additional considerations:

👉 Make it specific to your post. Don’t pretend your heat treatment pic is a barbecue knife. 😉
👉 You can use up to 30 hashtags. Use them, if you can—but quality over quantity.

More about 2️⃣ : You gotta be clear on who will buy your knife? Example: If you want to reach BBQ enthusiasts, talk to BBQ enthusiasts with your hashtags!

What do BBQ enthusiasts talk about with each other? Well, meat for example. Or charcoal vs. gas vs. pellet. Maybe the perfect knife. 😆

What do BBQ enthusiasts NEVER talk about amongst each other? VG10. Quenching liquids. Heat treat temperatures.

So, let’s use those hashtags sparingly. Yes, there are exceptions, and knife makers can also love BBQ. That is not the point here. 🤣🤣🤣 (Please bear with me. 🙏)

Unless your customers are knife making BBQ fans, don’t waste too many of your precious 30 hashtags on the kind of steel or the heat treatment.

👉 In your hashtags, as everywhere else, talk to your customers.

Thanks to @phillyknifeco who triggered this post. 💯

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