Meet Kyle of Fairchild Forge, Utah

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Tell us a bit about you: what do you offer or make?

I’m Kyle Fairchild and I run Fairchild Forge out of my shop in Bountiful, Utah. I mainly do stock removal, although recently I’ve started to do more forging.

I have made many different styles of knives, including kitchen knives, hunting knives, machetes, and EDC knives. My favorite style of knife to make is a khukuri.

What is your main job? Is knifemaking refuge or a good combination?

My main job is an Occupational Therapist and I work in a skilled nursing facility.

Making knives is a hobby I enjoy that allows me to relieve stress.

How’d you get into knife making?

I have always been drawn to knives. I also appreciate the precision of a well-made tool. Almost two years ago as I was watching YouTube videos I was recommended a video on how to make a knife. I was very interested in the process and thought it looked like something I could learn to do. Since then my knife making obsession has been relentless.

What steps do you do yourself?

I design my knife templates and either cut out or forge (or both) the blanks out of bar stock. I do all shaping, heat treating, handle shaping (handle material is outsourced), and have done Kydex sheaths. I have a relative who is very skilled with leatherwork and has made sheaths for me previously.

What’s your favorite and least favorite part of making knives (and why)?

I most enjoy shaping steel and handle materials and seeing a piece of raw material turn into something beautiful and functional.

I least enjoy hand sanding, although it’s still enjoyable (especially while listening to some metal🤘).

Hand sanding is very time consuming and can be monotonous.

Your favorite knife and why?

My favorite knife is a khukuri. I enjoy making them and really enjoy swinging them around. They have beautiful curves that enhance their overall function.

Any knife maker you admire or who inspired you?

I am inspired and amazed by many makers. Instagram has so many talented makers. Just a few of the many: @bakerblades, @moody_blades, @hueyforging, @jed_hornbeak, @jrknifeandtool, @septem_knives, @allenmatthewcustomknives, @rpm_neil, @warcrownforge

Want to give someone a shoutout?

I want to shout out @prthompson1 for the awesome leatherwork he has done for me. Also @hueyforging and @jrknifeandtool for helpful advice and support.

Where can we learn more about you?

Find me on Instagram @fairchild_forge.

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