Knife Material Matters: Packaging Shipping Do’s & Dont’s

packaging and shipping

🎉 Congratulations—you sold one of your handmade knives! You’re still NOT DONE though. I’m Keith from and in this first post on @IndieKnives I’d love to share a few tips about packaging and sending knives. Comment your own tips below!


🚫 Let your knife rattle around in the box. 👉 It could damage the finish!

🚫 Leave the cutting edge and tip unprotected. 👉 You don’t want your customers to cut themselves or the blade to be damaged.

🚫 Tape up your blade. 👉 Tape on the blade can cause discoloration, especially on carbon steel.

🚫 Ship your knives in a leather sheath. 👉 If not completely dry your blade can rust. Even stainless steel!

🚫 Fill out any shipping forms incorrectly. 👉 It can be difficult to get reimbursed for a ‘’camping tool‘’ when in fact you shipped a knife. This is called mail fraud.


✅ Apply a light coat of oil on the blade. Include instructions about knife care. Explain that a patina on a carbon steel blade is not a bad thing.

✅ Include a certificate of authentication with blade steel, length of the cutting edge, etc. Used any special materials? Tell them about it!

✅ Add a few business cards so your happy customers can pass them on for you.

✅ Insure your package for the full retail price! Also, take pictures 📷 of the knife and sheath in case it gets lost.

✅ Give the tracking information to your customer. An informed customer is a happy customer.

The Perfect Presentation

The way you present your custom knives says something about your ‘’brand image’’. It should create an experience for your customers. You might even want to include some extras in your package, e.g.:

👉 Include a display box or knife case.
👉 Include a small sample size bottle of oil for whipping down the blade.
👉 Include a gift certificate for free sharpening.
👉 Leave a hand-written thank you note.


What tips do you have? What mistakes should others avoid? Let’s learn together! 🙏

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