Announcing the Giveaway (GAW) Megaphone for Knife Makers

Our mission is to help the not (yet) outrageously successful knife makers become outrageously successful. One way to do that: we boost your giveaway on Instagram. For free.

Want to make sure your Giveaway is crushing it? Get the most out of your Giveaway Post!

How does the Megaphone work?

It’s simple: we’ll share it as a story to our followers on Instagram. (We might also choose to promote it in other ways.)

Do you think that’s cool? Awesome! Would you support us? (It’s completely voluntary and if you do you’re not getting preferred treatment either—see below.)

Who is eligible?

To be eligible you need to be a knife maker or bladesmith (of course) and have less than 10k followers.

Why? We think, if you already have that many followers then you have already established an audience and you don’t really need the megaphone. By focusing on the makers with fewer followers we can help where it’s really needed.

(Of course, we might still share a GAW if we think it’s super exciting. 😁)

At the same time we reserve the right not to boost your GAW.

Reasons may include: we’re busy (yes, we have lives outside of IG, too) or you do it too often or we something bothers us about your GAW.

How to promote your GAW via the IndieKnives Megaphone

If you’re eligible, follow these three steps:

  1. Follow us on Instagram.
  2. Use the hashtag “#indieknivesGAWmegaphone”—savy giveaway spotters will start following this hashtag, so that alone should help.
  3. Tag us in the caption or the comments. For example: “@indieknives

If we don’t boost your GAW, it’s often because we missed the IG notif and not because we hate you. To make double-sure we’re not missing it, send us a direct message (DM) on Instagram.

Tell us ahead of time

As with any social media platform, popular posts get promoted more. That means you need to do what you can so that it gets shared and commented and liked a lot right after you publish it.

To help with that, let us know ahead of time and—if we are available!—we’ll try to share your giveaway right when you publish it. Do remind us per DM when it’s time, though. It’s not like this is the only thing we do in our day. 🙂

Does it make a difference if I support you on Patreon?


We appreciate your support. It helps us keep doing what we do. But it doesn’t mean we’ll cut corners. The Megaphone is and stays a free service to anyone who is eligible (see above).


Do you still have questions about the IndieKnives GAW Megaphone? No worries, we’re happy to help. Just shoot us a message on Instagram.

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