Instagram Content Rule #1: Be Active & Post Regularly

instagram content rule

You want to grow your followers and sell your knives on Instagram? There is one thing you have to keep in mind—and all the hashtag research and engagement tactics in the world will not help you if you mess it up:

You have to be active and post regularly.

No secret sauce will save your Instagram account from slow death if you’re on and off every other week.

Why does it matter that you’re on regularly? Can’t you post the most amazing blade in the world every couple of weeks or so? Isn’t that enough?

Reason #1: Will they remember you?

No. it’s not enough. And here is why:

People forget about you.

Yes, they simply won’t remember. Because few people will see your post to begin with. Very likely those people won’t see your next post. How many makers do you remember that you only see twice a quarter?

The goal with posting regularly is simply this:

You want to stay top of mind.

So when the day comes when someone is looking to buy a knife, when they’re looking for a maker—then your name pops up in their mind first.

Which brings us to…

Reason #2: Trust

Remember that you are selling a luxury product. Custom knives aren’t cheap. We’re not talking Skittles.

To get someone to hand over a significant amount of their hard-earned cash … that requires trust.

They gotta trust. You.

And where does that trust come from?

Trust is built slowly, over many interactions.

That is true especially online.

They have to see how you behave around others, whom you treat with respect, how you handle yourself.

So, when they’re looking to buy a knife, will they go to someone they have seen maybe two times? On social media?


And that is if they even remember you.

The chances of that are even slimmer than you think, because of the final reason…

Reason #3: Instagram algorithms

Yep, you guessed it:

Instagram and its algorithms like active users.

Ah, yeah, “Instagram algorithms” again, right? Magic again?

Not really. Think about what Instagram the company is after: they want to keep people on the platform to sell ads. The more minutes people spend on Instagram, the more money they make.

And if your regular posts, your constant activity pulls in people, keeps them on Instagram … then Instagram is happy. Well, not the algorithms, they don’t care. But Zuck. And your pension fund. Really happy.

Is it about consistency?

Some folks are of the opinion that consistency is key: every day except Sunday. Or every other day, always at 1pm Bangkok time.

The argument goes that then people are expecting your post, which helps you.

That may be true for Lady Gaga and Tony Robbins, but for normal accounts that doesn’t make sense to me.

We think it’s way (waaaaay) more important that you post regularly.

And if “every day at 5pm” helps you get there, then so be it.

Example from the knife maker community

One knife maker posts like clockwork. Not always at the exact same time, but pretty much.

How does he do it? He simply posts always when he’s finished dinner.

That’s what they call “piggybacking a habit”. Piggybacking can be very useful if you want to make it a NEW habit to do something, for example post regularly. 🙂

How often should I post?

Recommendations vary. Some say every other day is just fine. Some swear by daily, others say you 1-2 times a day is ideal.

Again, I don’t think the exact frequency matters here. There are no obviously right magic numbers. (Otherwise, there would be no discussion around it, right?)

Here is the general idea:

  • Make sure you are active on most days of the week.
  • Post multiple times per week.

Active doesn’t mean you need to post something. It can mean you’re talking with fans, helping a maker who is asking for advice, or commenting a question on an interesting build.

Posting doesn’t mean publishing a post about a finished knife either. It can mean doing a quick live IGTV with another maker. Or running an AMA.

Is Content Rule #1 enough?

No. Posting regularly is just the gasoline you must burn to get the pistons moving. When the engine is turning it’s time to figure out where to drive.

That’s your niche.

Whom are you making knives for? We’ll talk about that in another post.

Need ideas on what to post?

Check out our Definite Instagram Guide for Knife Makers with post suggestions.

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