Hashtag Mistake: Don’t Describe your Knife

It’s a mistake I only know too well—we got that one wrong plenty of times and didn’t even realize it.

In short, you gotta be clear on whom you want to reach with your posts. Who will buy your knife? (Talked about that the other day.)

For Example:

If you want to reach BBQ enthusiasts, talk to BBQ enthusiasts with your hashtags!

What do BBQ enthusiasts talk about with each other? Well, meat for example. Or charcoal vs. gas vs. pellet. Maybe the perfect knife. 😆

What do BBQ enthusiasts never talk about amongst each other? VG10. Quenching liquids. Heat treat temperatures.

So, let’s use those hashtags sparingly. (Yes, not “never”.)

And yes, there are exceptions, and knife makers can also love BBQ. That is not the point here. 🤣🤣🤣 (Please bear with me. 🙏)

If you make knives exclusively for BBQ enthusiasts who are also knife makers … then, yes, please describe your knife in your hashtags in full.

Because then
that means
you ARE
talking to your
customer niche.

But if you do not want to limit yourself to knife makers and knife enthusiasts, don’t waste too many of your precious 30 hashtags on the kind of steel or the heat treatment.

👉 In your hashtags (same as everywhere else) talk to your customers.

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