3 Free Hashtag Research Tools for Instagram (in 2022)

Hashtag research … not everyone’s favorite topic. 😁 Most of you want to MAKE, not research hashtags, right?

Of course, hashtag research does matter if you want to reach your niche audience.

So, here are some tools to help you out.

We’ll keep this list up to date with our favorite hashtag tools. Let us know if you have questions!

Btw, we’re not associated with none of these tools or their makers.


Website: https://displaypurposes.com/

This website is amazing, it’s a basket full of useful hashtag tools.

On the main page you type a hashtag, for example “#bowieknife, #outdoorknife”. With this, the tool will spit out suggestions and using those automatically put together a list of hashtags for you!

For each suggestion it will also tell you how popular and relevant the suggestions are.

Two things you might overlook:

  • Note the “copy mode” button, which makes copying easy.
  • And don’t miss the “see stats” button, which tells you more about your hashtag, like demographics. (Though you can wonder how accurate that is. 🙂 )

But, displaypurposes has got more.

Wonder what hashtags you might use to be found locally? Have a look at their map, which is pretty cool. (Not sure how helpful that is for more tongue-in-cheek hashtags, but sure gives you a head start!)


Website: https://www.tagsfinder.com/

Easy way to get 30 hashtags to paste. Allows you to filter by country.

Does not allow you to see popularity of hashtags.

Thanks to @balticblades!


Website: https://metahashtags.com/

MetaHashTags.com gives you insight into hashtags related to a hashtag or account.

That means, you can analyze your profile or the profile of another maker you adore.

MetaHashTags not only gives you statistics like average likes or number of posts, it also gives you sample posts so you can get a feel if the hashtag is the right one for your audience.

When it comes to total posts for a hashtag, our instinct is to go for “bigger is better” hashtags. By looking at posts per hour you can see how quickly your posts will disappear if they don’t go viral. So, don’t waste your time on hashtags you can’t compete in.

Bonus: Inflact’s Hashtag Generator (formerly Ingramer?)

Website: https://inflact.com/tools/instagram-hashtag-generator/#/search/

What we like about Inflact’s tool: it separates hashtags in wildly popular, less popular and niche. That’s a useful distinction because if you’re starting out you really don’t need to bother with popular hashtags just yet. It also searches for “related organic hashtags” and that’s great, because it helps you find hashtags that you otherwise wouldn’t.

What we don’t like: it’s only free for a few tries.

Runner up: TagSets.com

Website: https://tagsets.com/

Need ideas? Type in a starting point and get ready-to-copy collections of 30 hashtags.

Really doesn’t get simpler than that.

The downside? It’s uncreative at times. Not great for niche research.

(Thanks to Keith from @knifematerial.at for the suggestion.)

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