Follow the Money & Find your Niche

follow the money & find your niche

What knives should you make, and for whom? In other words, how do you find your niche?

Finding your niche, figuring out your target audience—that is something we have discussed before. And we will discuss it again and again because it matters so much:

👉 when making knives: would those people be interested?

👉 when taking pictures: do they appeal to your target audience?

👉 when writing a post: if you’re selling to millenial hippsters you can’t sound like you talk to professional butchers or vegan chefs.

👉 when researching hashtags, making videos, establishing prices,

So, how do you do it?

Here is one approach:


Yes, as in the movie where the investigators find the dirty politicians by tracing dollars to offshore bank accounts … only different. 

Here it means: Start making stuff and then see what you get paid for.

If people constantly ask you to make micarta hunters then… make more micarta hunters.

And then tell folks that you are making micarta hunters.

What happens then? Two things:

💯 you become really good at making micarta hunters

💯 you become known for making micarta hunters

Is this a revelation? 🤯 No. 🤪 We’re naming this approach because sometimes it feels like “finding your niche” is some secret-sauce-magic-trick by super clever marketers or brainy strategists. Nah.

It’s really simple, and one way is: Follow The Money. Make more of what people pay you for.

The point here is:

That’s a Perfectly Valid Way of Finding your Niche.

Is that the end of it?

No, you gotta refine it still. (Future posts coming.)

Are there other ways?

Yes! And they’re no magic either.

You can find your niche, no magic needed.

Do you like this no-magic thinking? Well, then like it … ❤️ this post I mean. Please. 😆

And share it.

And print it, hang it on the wall, get a projector and beam it on the house next door so your neighbor can learn, too. Just kidding! But yes, please.

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