Daggers and Diamonds: Drilling Daggers & The Copters of Doom

As many as 2500 injuries involving drill presses happen every year! 🤯 (And I was one of them.) Let’s make sure you aren’t!!

Last year I was one of those 2500 injuries 😅 because I wanted to do a quick and dirty drill job—instead of taking the proper precautions.

I decided I would hold the piece while drilling it. It was a decently long one and I figured I had plenty of leverage. And for a while, I did.

But when my drill bit started to punch through the other side of the steel, it took a bite into the steel, wrenched it from my grip, and spinned it. In a fraction of a second the steel slammed into my left index finger multiple times.

It broke my finger instantly. Not Fun.

If I had used a vise as I knew I should, I could have easily prevented that. And it would have taken all of THREE minutes longer to set up. 🤦🤦🤦

Never hold your piece!

Always make sure it is secure and won’t move.

Here is another way to avoid a mistake that is often overlooked: Don’t wear loose-fitting clothes that might get caught by the drill bit and pull you in.

That means…

👉long sleeves,
👉long hair,
👉jewelry, and
👉the all-important beard!

Let’s have a look at the pictures.

Don’t be tempted to try removing these things by hand. They are often razor-sharp and stronger than they look!

Much easier to use pliers instead.

And … hopefully after my first safety-related post this goes without saying, but: don’t forget safety glasses!!!!

How do you stay safe around drill presses?

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