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Daggers and Diamonds: Safety Googles

Daggers and Diamonds: Safety Googles dragonsnestforge, daggers and diamonds

Hot sparks from an angle grinder look amazing, right? Until they hit you in the eye. I’m Ryan from @dragonsnestforge and welcome to my monthly column at @indieknives. What do you need to start forging? I hear a lot of people talk about the bare essentials necessary to get going. Most people mention a hammer 🔨, a heat […]

Announcing the Maker Spotlight

Announcing the Maker Spotlight Spotlight

The knife maker community on Instagram has found its stars in the likes of Neil Kamimura and Jason Knight. But if you look only at them you’re missing out—a lot. That’s why we’ve created the IndieKnives Maker Spotlight. One week, one maker, we’ll present you those knife makers who haven’t shot to Instagram fame—yet! You’ll […]

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