Are Your Customers Helping You

You make your customers very happy, right?

I mean, they’re not just “okay” when the knife arrives—they’re out of their mind. (Right?)

So, they’re perfect advocates for your products.

Let them help you. Ask them to.

And know what’s special about your customers? Apart from obviously loving your knives?

They very likely know other people who would love your knives, too.

Hunters know other hunters. Professional chef’s know each other. Home cooking enthusiasts are seldom an island.

Your customers are the ideal people to spread the word—and your freshly arrived knife gives them the perfect excuse to go out there and tell the world about you.

What are you doing to encourage them? To make it easy for them?

I’ll give a few examples. All the other you’ll find in the Sunday news. I wrote a whole bunch … and then Instagram said: 🚫, caption too long. -_- If you’re the lone soul who still hasn’t signed up: link in bio @indieknives)

Let’s start easy, and very passive:

Send them stickers and add a note asking them to post pictures where they slap them. For the pro version, see what @flyingsharkknives is doing right now. G e n i u s.

Ask them to post a picture with them and their knives. Make it a theme:

Are you selling outdoor knives? Then make it a “waterfall month”! Offer to share pictures of the best waterfall with your knife in it. And then there is deer month, tree trunk month, fishing month, and so on.

Are you making Chef’s knives? Challenge them to create the most mind boggling cut test. Make it a competition.

Promise to reshare any shoutout. Collect them in an IG highlight.

And many more!

Let’s not forget:

1. You just made them super happy.
2. They spent good money—they love what you do.
3. All this means, they’re emotionally invested, too.

So, do the work, and ask each one. (If you must, automate this.)

How do you not just make slick knives but also sell them like a professional? Check our IG Links!

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