Announcing the Maker Spotlight


The knife maker community on Instagram has found its stars in the likes of Neil Kamimura and Jason Knight. But if you look only at them you’re missing out—a lot. That’s why we’ve created the IndieKnives Maker Spotlight.

One week, one maker, we’ll present you those knife makers who haven’t shot to Instagram fame—yet! You’ll get to know this year who everyone else will talk about next year. (The Maker Spotlight is only one of the services we offer makers.)

Makers in the Spotlight

Kitchen Knife by Fairchild Forge

How it works

The Spotlight is a way for lesser known makers to get a bit of exposure, and hopefully gain more followers and fans. To help with that, during one week we do this:

  • We publish a Q & A on our blog. See Kyle’s Q&A as an example. It includes pictures both of Kyle and his knives.
  • 3-5 times during that week we’ll repost one of the pictures you give us—tagging you in the picture and above the fold.
  • Within limits, we share your posts as stories.

Are you a knife maker? Read below how you can participate!

How you can participate

For the moment, we’ll keep it super simple. Here are the rules:

  • You must have less than 1k followers. (We want to help the lesser known makers, and 1k seems to be the critical mark.)
  • You must be over 18 years old.

That’s it. Do you want to be featured?

Start with a “hi” on Instagram. Then …

  1. We’ll send you a link to a Google Doc with the questions.
  2. You add your answers.
  3. You give us some pictures you’d like us to repost.

That’s it!

We then repost your pictures, doing hashtag research, and share them as stories.

We’ll also give you some guidance on how you can boost the reposts and engage with our audience.

Want to know how else we help you knife makers market and sell your knives on Instagram? Hop over to our section for knife makers! And if you still haven’t, make sure you can be found on the Knife Makers World Map.

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