Marketing for Knife Makers

Beautiful and sharp knives aren’t enough—you need marketing so they are found and bought, too! We help you knife makers and blade smiths with that. From social media using Instagram to local marketing and referrals we help you boost sales. We also dig a bit into how to earn money (i.e. business models) since you can’t really have the same marketing strategy and tactics for all those.

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How to Earn Money Selling Knives

Knife making as a business is not just about choosing which knives to sell. It’s also about how you want to spend your time, figuring out your strengths and playing on them.
Do you just love to make the perfect knife, nothing else matters, and won’t—like a true artisan?
Or do you love talking about your knives as much as making them?
Maybe you want to build a business that you can sell?

Positioning Yourself for a Recession

Custom-made knives are expertly crafted, expensive one-of-a-kind items. Meaning: they’re expensive! And now a recession is here. What does that mean for knife making?

It means you got to embrace the fact that custom knives are luxury items—they are a WANT not a NEED.

Knife Maker World Map

We list you knife makers and blade smiths on our world map—helping you get found by your customers near you.
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